piątek, 28 maja 2010

A gift from the British Crown

After a very long break from this project, more updates from now on will be posted, as all the separate items arrive.

Pictured above is a WWI Male Tank, gifted to the newly created nation of Mongo, to form the core of Mongo Armored Forces [M.A.F.], by the Queen of England. M.A.F. "King" is just half of the gift. The other is M.A.F. "Queen", a WWI Female Tank. Granted, WWI tanks are not much use against modern vehicles, but might be able to hold their own against large disorganised mobs. Or maybe not... If they have Molotov coctails and Chinese RPG launchers ?

Those tanks will be supported by infantry in the form of Italeri British Infantry [6050]. Presidental Guard anyone ?