sobota, 5 marca 2011

Plastic madness continues

During a recent visit to a modelling shop [I was only planning window shopping honest], I saw several 1:72 scale kits discounted by 50% and my pile of as yet unfinished plastic kits grew once more. This time I got a Sukhoi Su-22 UM-3K Fitter G attack aircraft and a Battlefield LYNX AH.7 helicopter. While the Sukhoi Su-22 might be assembled as a crashed / shot down wreckage, I plan to glue and paint the Lynx in UN colors. It even has all the necessary decals included in the box. I just need to rethink what miniatures to use as Peace keepers, since I originally planned to get the Caesar mixed modern French / Chinese set for use with the Heller 4x4 VAB. What readily available 1:72 kit would modern British forces use...

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