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1:72 African village hut master

My African wargaming adventures are missing typical African terrain, therefore I commissioned a good friend [Michał from Black Grom Studio], to design some. After all how many times can you burn a forest or destroy a farm field...

Below is a sample, a basic round African hut with separate roof, suitable for 1:72 [25mm / 20mm] miniatures as well as other scales.

There are several other types of bottoms and tops being completed currently. The huts will be available single and in packs in resin and possibly in ultra hard dental plaster.

From left to right, we have a GW Goblin, two Pole Bitwy 15mm [17.5mm] miniatures, a Rebel Minis 15mm miniature and a Revell 1:72 [25mm] plastic soldier.

Expect more terrain real soon ;)

Higher resolution images:

Comparison with miniatures


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